TUTORIAL: install CSP directly from SVN release

This is a small tutorial on how to install csp directly from svn.
Tested and working on Ubuntu
in this tutorial its ***umed you have already have Sun java6 JDK installed on your system.
we are going to use command lines for this
open a terminal and start by making a folder where we will download the last release and compile it.

Download Source

If you want to download the SVN version, just do:

svn co http://streamboard.gmc.to/svn/CSP/trunk CSP-svn

to compile CSP just go to the folder CSP-svn/ and type ant

If it gives an error then type

apt-get install ant

Once installed then type ant
you will now find the cardservproxy.tar.gz in the CSP-svn/dist/ folder

Cd dist
then type tar -zxvf cardservproxy.tar.gz

if tar -zxvf cardservproxy.tar.gz does not work for then you should install tar using this command

apt-get install tar

That will install tar
then type tar -zxvf cardservproxy.tar.gz

now we will move our compiled program to a directory we want. here in this example we will just rename the cardservproxy folder to csp and put it directly in this folder /var/bin

be sure that you are in this path


if you are not there then just type this command

cd /

cd /CSP-svn/dist

mv cardservproxy /var/bin/csp now our csp is compiled and exists in this path var/bin

all you have to do to run it is the following. leave your current path using command

cd /
then enter this folder cd /var/bin/csp

Then type
./cardproxy.sh start

you should have the ok which means that your proxy is running.

now just edit your proxy.xml with your existing profiles, users and connectors and enjoy the last version.

note: each time you want upgrade to the latest version just do the same thing.

Now you can check your csp server is running in the web interface
http://your server ip:8082/ eg